Huntsmen And Hounds

Do you want to add a unique twist to your next function or corporate event? Do you want to give your guests an experience they’ll never forget? Look no further than Sean Kilkenny Carriages’s unique huntsmen and hounds experience. This service welcomes guests to a property with a line-up of horses and hunting hounds, lined-up alongside men dressed in traditional hunting clothing.
This experience is particular fitting when a corporate event is being welcomed to a beautiful castle or country manor. These properties and their grounds were often used as hunting grounds in years gone by. Sean Kilkenny Carriages’s Huntsmen and hounds welcome service serves as a historical experience as well as being a fun and unique photo opportunity for special guests.

Dignitaries and Special Guests

Our huntsmen and hounds service is particularly fitting for those corporate events that wish to honour top executives and employees. This fun and unique service creates lifelong memories and serves as a glimpse into Ireland’s historical past.
This service is also perfectly suited to foreign dignitaries. Impress your special guests with this very special welcome service. Our huntsman and hounds service is so magnificent it always captures the imagination of the local community. Hotel owners and restaurateurs can use this service as a fantastic media generating event.

Have our huntsmen and hounds service impress your special guests at your next corporate function or event